MMS505 Miter Marker by Flange Wizard

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MMS505 Miter Marker by Flange Wizard
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The Miter Marker is a compact form of the Master Marker. It is a unique layout tool for pipe and structural steel.


  • The Miter Marker quickly marks pipe from 1-1/2" to 18".
  • Magnetic base, with levels, help the operator to stabilize tool and quickly find top dead center of the pipe.
  • Removable and completely adjustable head, with a built in level, gives the operator the ability to mark both sides of a pipe without resetting the angle because the head can rotate 360 degrees .
  • Because the head rotates, the operator is not limited by pipe size if you need to move the base for continuous marking.
  • The arms have spring-loaded joints for smooth and precise operation for years of trouble-free service.
  • The Miter Marker sets the standard for marking pipe saddles and structural steel layout.
  • The Miter Marker comes standard with a structural steel adapter and strap (for non-ferrous pipe).
  • Levels are easily replaced if broken. It is machined from quality aluminum material then anodized for lasting protection.
  • The Miter Marker comes in a case with foam cut-outs for storage.
  • A must have for the professional.

NOTE: The marking arm for the Master Marker is completely separate from the main body. This allows you to move the main magnetic body anywhere around the circumference of the pipe and re-level the marking arm. By doing this you are ready to continue marking for larger pipe. It will mark angles or simple and compound saddles on any size pipe.