26350 Pipette Controllers Accu-jet S Anthracite by BrandTech

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26350 Pipette Controllers Accu-jet S Anthracite by BrandTech
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The accu-jet S pipette controller brings versatility and endurance to your team. It makes lab work simple, easy, and efficient, whether you work with cell cultures, in quality control or in a pharma lab.

Precise pipetting of large and small volumes is easy due to single handed control of pipetting speed for fast, powerful aspiration, accurate meniscus setting, or precise dispensing of small volumes. Thanks to the precise control, you always achieve the required volume spot-on when working with graduated or bulb pipettes. If you need extra power or precision, motor speed is controlled on the fly with one hand, choose between gravity-delivery (for pipettes calibrated "to deliver") or powered blow-out delivery (for pipettes calibrated "to contain").

Convenient functions support efficient work with minimum interruptions. You can typically work for 8 hours of continuous pipetting without recharging, and the accu-jet S can be used while charging. Even during short breaks, the accu-jet S saves time. With the integrated rest position, you can place the instrument on the benchtop on its back with an inserted pipette. The instrument remains ready to use and accessible for you to continue your work at your convenience.

Efficient use of resources is what the accu-jet S is all about. It is designed to make routine service tasks such as membrane filter replacement, adapter change, or battery replacement simple and easy for you. This and the robust design make it the perfect choice for long reliable service. The valve system ensures that no vapors remain inside the instrument, thus preventing corrosion. The membrane filter and check valve prevent liquid from accidentally getting into the instrument. Packaging and production use sustainable solutions. The packaging contains more than 90% recycled material, and manufacturing is powered from renewable sources.

Find out more about the versatility and endurance of the accu-jet S and how it makes your work in the lab simple, easy, and efficient.

Technical details:
- For glass and plastic pipettes from 0.1 to 200 ml
- Ergonomic handgrip and perfectly balanced design
- Battery with intelligent charging technology and two color charge indicator
- Four attractive colors