IC1000A USB to RS232 Converter - DB9 1-Port by Black Box

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IC1000A USB to RS232 Converter - DB9 1-Port by Black Box
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Add a high-speed RS-232 serial port to y PC or server using its USB port. The single-port Black Box USB Director RS-232 makes it easy to connect and disconnect y modems and printers.

You can use this intelligent USB-to-serial converter in point-of-sale settings, for mobile computing in the field, or any place you require flexible I/O expansion. Hook it up to y bar-code scanners, touch screens, security cameras, PDAs, and other peripherals.

By converting the USB port on y desktop PC, laptop, or Thin client to a high-speed RS-232 DB9 serial port, the USB Director RS-232 enables you to attach any peripheral that uses a standard serial interface to y PC. It's the economic alternative to installing a serial card in y computer. 

To install the USB Director RS-232, you simply plug the Type A end of the included USB cable into the USB port and the Type B end into the converter. You can make connections without powering down the network or removing the cover of y server or PC. This hot-swappable converter attaches outside the computer chassis and doesn't require a card slot. Plus you don't need to set IRQ jumpers and device address. 

Plus, there's no need to worry about configuring the attached device. The USB Director RS-232 autodetects peripheral speed and connections. And, after connecting a new peripheral to y machine, you don't have to reboot y operating system - the device is plug-and-play!

  • Enables to add a serial port to PC, laptop, thin client, or server via a single USB port
  • An easy, economical alternative to installing a serial board in y PC
  • Port speeds up to 230 kbps.
  • Configurable COM port assignment
  • Wide range of operating system support for Windows; users
  • No external power required
  • Compact, reliable, hot-swappable!

Product Includes:

  • CD-ROM with All Drivers
  • 0.9-m USB Cable

Product works with:

  • USB Version 1.1 Cables (USB01)
  • USB Card (PCI) (IC136C)